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The efficient use of Engergy. Designer & Manufacterer of innovative sustainable quality electrical heating products.

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Sustainability for all.

Sustainable Energy for all. An initiative lauched by Efficent Energy Power Company. We'll invest in all key actors and into the future of next generation. Access to modern energy services enables social and economic development, offering opportunities for improved lives and a path to prosperity.

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Take a tour. We could provide you with a total professional information program. We meet the needs of the present without and we think of future generations to meet their needs.

Renewable and sustainable energy

The costs of technologies to capture that energy are rapidly falling and becoming economically competitive with fossil fuels, while reducing the risk of climate change. Investing in renewable energy creates jobs, fosters economic growth, and improves energy security for countries that lack domestic fossil fuel resources.

Increasing the share of energy from renewable sources can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution; insulate countries from fuel price volatility; and improve those countries' balance of payments.

Achieving this objective of doubling that percentage by 2030 requires support from all sectors of society, including individuals.

The Efficient Energy Power Company helps to invest in this technologies in order to achieve a better life for the future.

Energy is society’s driving force. Without it there would be no warmth or comfort, no prosperity or well-being. Energy efficiency is an increasingly important consideration. It’s a prerequisite for a future in which high standards of living and working are the norm. EEPC (Efficient Energy Power Company) proves that comfort and energy efficiency are the perfect combination. Whoever and wherever you are, EEPC seeks to develop products designed to help you embrace energy efficiency, while also ensuring your personal comfort.

EEPC is a subsidiary of N.WWS, the commercial agency for product and trade development, also owned by Peter Lambert. The roots of Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for green energy and eco-efficiency? Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: ‘In 1985 I took over the ornamental tree nursery my family had run for five generations,’ Peter explains. ‘I was faced with ageing greenhouses and inefficient heating systems. Not ideal for the growing of ornamental boxwood and bay trees...’ ‘So I cultivated an interest in green energy applications, and discovered the power of ceramic plates in combination with electric heating elements. This was the basis for the EEPC radiators I would later develop.’ After a period of spiralling energy costs and increased efforts to improve efficiency, Peter decided to take his career in a completely different direction. ‘I was determined: I would bring user-friendly green energy into the living room.’ Peter carried out market research into more efficient heating systems and started a dialogue with his customers. The result? A range of innovative new products. In 2012, Peter founded EEPC as the ‘green energy’ branch of N.WWS. Today his user-friendly and eco-efficient heating products are already doing extremely well in the UK where Peter is regularly invited to do live TV demonstrations of his green-energy solutions and sustainable products. In 2015, EEPC became a family business when Laurence Lambert joined the company. As a jurist, she takes care of all legal aspects of business management. In that very same year, EEPC invested in making it’s radiators even more energy efficient and “smart”. Together with a team of IT and design specialists, EEPC developed Wifi controllable radiators. The operation of the newest EEPC radiators becomes child’s play thanks to the EEPC app. In addition, the application helps you to heat your house in the most efficient way. Control your radiators whenever and wherever you are, how convenient is that!

In addition to radiators, EEPC has also developed compact solar power generators — multifunctional devices and sets that provide green energy wherever and whenever the user requires it.